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Friday, March 23, 2007

To be or Not to be!!

What stirred Sheshadri to Think ?? A look at the following page explains it!

Below given are the first two paras of an article posted there at the above link ..

"Why Dominant Caste Hindus All of Sudden Started Opening Ups For Dalits? "
: By Mr. Madhu Chandra

After 3000 years of dominations and oppression on Indian Dalits, why has all of sudden Saffron brigades started opening up? Where was Art of Living Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar all these years? Why he needs to wake up now and start calling Indian Dalits to compromise with dominate caste Hindus?

After years of oppression, what does it make dominant caste Hindu to realize Dalits’ contribution as Times of India carried the following clipping in advertisement section?"

The context of the above article by Mr Chandra, is about An Initiative of the well known Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji of the Art of Living fame, called " TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION " , a conference where in numerous members and organisations from the so called upper AND lower caste Hindus took part with an aim to bring about unity and build mutual trust . What ever small coverage it got from the media, I have been following quite curiously, eager to know about the out come.

It is indeed preposterous on the part of a so called "Intellectual Activist" to cast aspersions on an initiative with a seemingly good cause. It is quite evident from the above web Article that the intention of the Author,Mr Chandra is not to unite people but divide!

If an initiative for reconciliation is attempted, by whoever, is'nt it to be supported rather than viewing it with malice in heart? What could be the agenda behind such malicious moves?

Does the Author prefer the " Minority Dominant Hindus " to remain so forever (what ever he might mean by using those terms! ) ? What is wrong if at all some one is attempting to bring about peace in the minds of people and for a country?

If such attempts, as done by the Author of the said Article { which is just one instance amongst many}, are not termed extremism and terror plotting, with a view to prevent Bharat from progressing into a peaceful and developed country, then What could be termed so??

The Author goes on further to say the following :-

" Few days ago, United Nation has told India to halt caste discrimination to Indian Dalits. Equal access should be granted to Indian Dalits in the place of worship, hospital and education, reports Reuter"

Does he mean to say that the Cast based reservation policy being advocated by the exponents of Vote Bank politics in India be thrown down the drains ? For eg, instead of equal access, now dalits are enjoying preferential treatment in education even in the most coveted places of higher education - just because one happens to be Born to a backward cast father or mother!!!

Now who is wanting to create a DALIT Population in India?? Naturally,a section of the Dalits themselves! The carrots of reservations and concessions have ensured just this!

Will Mr Madhu Chandra or his folks come out in the open and speak against this policy?

What do YOU think about what Sheshadri thinks ??


Pinto said...

Well Said Sheshadri!. The sort of people you have commented upon are fanatics and hypocrats. I wonder even that they may be funded by some vested interests!

We responsible and patriotic people should get together and act to counter these lunatics!

-indian.always- said...

Namaskar Sesh !
Keep doing what you do. Good work.
you will mature in writing soon.
All the best.

Anonymous said...

hey, a goodone! u shud writemore yaar.