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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ramarajya V/s Sethu Samudra

Ramarajya V/s Sethu Samudra

" The whole area of the famous Har-ki-Pauri , the holiest ghat in Haridwar, along with the various temple complexes in Haridwar has been acquired by the Govt: for the proposed International adventure Sports training facility. "

''Guruvayoor, the erstwhile famous temple will now house the hi tech Indoor sports complex. This was the abode of a magical fairy tale caricature hero Krishna, depicted to be more powerful than Harri potter and Superman combined together. He was created by the well known fictional story teller Vyasa and was even worshipped by some fanatic fans,who created this temple in hismemory!''

''Kashi temple complex and the adjacent 80 acres handed over to Lamborghini the famous Italian car manufacturer... Sabarimala to be taken over by ITDC for a forest resort.... Chidambaram temple complex and 11 acres bought by Giorgio Armani for setting up a state of the art textile manufacturing unit... Tirupathy hills and temple converted into an observatory and planetarium...''

''The Jnanapeeth award for the best fiction writer awarded jointly to Vyasa and Valmiki posthumously....''

Dont be surprised by such News snippets you might come across in the coming years, if the present govt is still in power! Oh - ya, forgot to mention the other possible development - the Centre widening the scope & definitions of the Maharashtra Eradication of Black Magic and Evil and aghori Practices Act, 2005 and making it applicable to the whole of the country. Thus this would pave the way for abolishing all Hindu religious practices, taking over their places of worship and practitioners being jailed - because the existence of Shiva nor Vishnu nor Devi nor Krishna could be scientifically substantiated ! Dont know when some one will ask the Pope to prove scientifically how Jesus was born to Virgin Mary or how wine was made out of water!!!

:) ; ) Too much cynicism, you feel? Well, dont be in a hurry! If the UPA Govt can file an affidavit 'denying the existence' of Sri Ram, nothing seem to be impossible! The combination of a catholicised Congress, the Chinese Marxists and the 'great' old man of South with the trademark dark glasses obscuring his vision, is capable of doing anything!

Are they considering the "nationalisation' of Mutts like Kanchi, Shankara peethas, Adi Chunchunagiri etc and NGOs like Sathya Sai Trust, Sri Sri's Art of Living or Mata Amrithanandamayi Trust?? God knows.. Oh Sorry - Chairperson only knows!

Ok lets forget the issue of religion here. Lets even forget the economic, ecological as well as military & strategic cost benefit analysis, the Sri Lankan angle etc (details are well available on the net) of the now infamous Sethusamudram project ..

Lets wonder whether China will break a portion of the Great wall to make way for an expressway or Australia clearing the Great Barrier reef or Peru building a resort around Machu Picchu or UK planning a golf course around the Stonehenge... Impossible eh??? Is / Is not Ram sethu worthy of being considered along with any of the above ? If so who will decide.....??? Who will / should act..... ???

Can't help but concede that this is the result of a shameful forgetfulness of the so called Protectors of Hinduism who did not do anything about making the Ram Sethu a protected monument or if the accusations are correct, even initiated the whole idea of the Sethusamudram project when they were sucking the juice of power while waging the factional wars !!

Whats wrong if we do another Narmada Bachao / Silent Valley model 'Aandolan' ? This way, taking the religious sentiments out and giving it an 'ecological disaster' label might do the trick for the cheap satisfaction of the so called Developmentally oriented Pseudo Secular Hindus who are a bunch of shameless suckers who assume the garb of angels, of Tolerance personified. They are even more despicable than even the leftists for these 'Gaddars' prostitute, sucking up to the vested interests ... some of these vultures even anoint themselves with saffron garb for increasing their 'market value ' and engage in Treason, bad mouthing and selling our beloved Country abroad !

Well... All said and done... How ever... , the million dollar Question which will still linger around sadly & silently is, whether any Govt would dare make a similar statement as denying the existence of Ram, about a Christian or Muslim prophet or saint.........?

I would'nt venture into answering it ... leave it to each one of you!

Sheshadri! alone thinking wouldnt serve the purpose! Would it ??? ... :)

What do YOU think about what Sheshadri! Thinks... ???

Friday, March 23, 2007

To be or Not to be!!

What stirred Sheshadri to Think ?? A look at the following page explains it!

Below given are the first two paras of an article posted there at the above link ..

"Why Dominant Caste Hindus All of Sudden Started Opening Ups For Dalits? "
: By Mr. Madhu Chandra

After 3000 years of dominations and oppression on Indian Dalits, why has all of sudden Saffron brigades started opening up? Where was Art of Living Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar all these years? Why he needs to wake up now and start calling Indian Dalits to compromise with dominate caste Hindus?

After years of oppression, what does it make dominant caste Hindu to realize Dalits’ contribution as Times of India carried the following clipping in advertisement section?"

The context of the above article by Mr Chandra, is about An Initiative of the well known Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji of the Art of Living fame, called " TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION " , a conference where in numerous members and organisations from the so called upper AND lower caste Hindus took part with an aim to bring about unity and build mutual trust . What ever small coverage it got from the media, I have been following quite curiously, eager to know about the out come.

It is indeed preposterous on the part of a so called "Intellectual Activist" to cast aspersions on an initiative with a seemingly good cause. It is quite evident from the above web Article that the intention of the Author,Mr Chandra is not to unite people but divide!

If an initiative for reconciliation is attempted, by whoever, is'nt it to be supported rather than viewing it with malice in heart? What could be the agenda behind such malicious moves?

Does the Author prefer the " Minority Dominant Hindus " to remain so forever (what ever he might mean by using those terms! ) ? What is wrong if at all some one is attempting to bring about peace in the minds of people and for a country?

If such attempts, as done by the Author of the said Article { which is just one instance amongst many}, are not termed extremism and terror plotting, with a view to prevent Bharat from progressing into a peaceful and developed country, then What could be termed so??

The Author goes on further to say the following :-

" Few days ago, United Nation has told India to halt caste discrimination to Indian Dalits. Equal access should be granted to Indian Dalits in the place of worship, hospital and education, reports Reuter"

Does he mean to say that the Cast based reservation policy being advocated by the exponents of Vote Bank politics in India be thrown down the drains ? For eg, instead of equal access, now dalits are enjoying preferential treatment in education even in the most coveted places of higher education - just because one happens to be Born to a backward cast father or mother!!!

Now who is wanting to create a DALIT Population in India?? Naturally,a section of the Dalits themselves! The carrots of reservations and concessions have ensured just this!

Will Mr Madhu Chandra or his folks come out in the open and speak against this policy?

What do YOU think about what Sheshadri thinks ??